White Christmas bells door/window decoration

Christmas bells 'Joulukellot' door/window decoration from Scandinavia

Beautiful Christmas bells for your home

Add simple Scandinavian style to your home this Christmas with this chic white Christmas bells decoration. Also available in red, the special wooden Christmas decoration features three carved wooden bells complete with jingle bells and natural wooden pearls.

The loop at the top of the white Christmas bells decoration makes it easy to hang from door handles or hooks at windows or on walls. With three jingle bells, this beautifully crafted wooden Christmas bells decoration makes a gentle tinkling sound when moved - recreating the sound of sleigh bells.


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Measurements for white Christmas bells door decoration:

  • Drop approx. 22cm.
  • Diameter of hanging loop approx. 2.5cm
  • Height of bells approx. 5cm
  • Diameter of bells approx. 4cm.
  • Diameter of wooden pearls approx. 1.7cm.
  • Width of wooden arc (at the top) approx. 11.5 cm

For indoor use only.

View these Christmas bells in red

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