Small Santa's elf wooden Christmas ornament

Baby tonttu 'Tonttulapsi' wooden Christmas decoration:

The smallest, cutest elf for your collection

The baby Santa's elf ornament is small, cheery and expertly crafted. From the land of Santa, elves and reindeer, Tonttulapsi is the perfect Santa's elf ornament to fit in small spaces, whether you want a small wooden Christmas ornament to squeeze on your bookcase or shelf, or have peeking out from your mantelpiece or table centrepiece.

Just one of the collectable wooden Santa's elf ornaments from Scandinavia, Tonttulapsi will be yours to cherish year after year. Made from sustainable wood, this small wooden Christmas ornament is durable and light - so won't break like glass or ceramic ornaments and is easy to pack away until next Christmas.

Create a special Christmas display to delight your family this year and start a new tradition by creating a Santa's elf family just like yours! No matter how big or small your family is, there is a Santa's elf for every one you love and the baby Santa's elf, as the smallest and cutest of the collectable Christmas ornaments, is definitely a must-have for your collection.

A cute, smiley and great value small wooden Christmas decoration.

Price: £5.80

small wooden Santas elf Christmas ornament

Tonttulapsi's measurements

  • Height (from base to tip of hat): approx. 70mm.
  • Diameter of body: approx. 23mm.

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