Tonttus from Scandinavia

Tonttus - Santa's elf decorations from Scandinavia - make fun festive room decorations for around the house. Hand crafted from sustainable wood using environmentally-friendly methods, these charming Scandinavian Christmas elf ornaments are sure to find the perfect place in your home.

The tonttus may look very similar at a glance - all the tonttus have felt hats and smiling faces - but take a closer look and you will see that each of the Santa's elves is unique. Some even say the tonttus have their own personalities.

Get everyone into the festive spirit with these tonttus. Festive red and frosty white/grey tonttus from Scandinavia make decorating your home for Christmas quick and easy and will make versatile wooden Christmas decorations to add to your and your family's Christmas collection.

Frosty skiing tonttu table decoration 'Pyry Pakkanen'

Frosty skiing tonttu

No indoor Christmas wonderland is complete without this charming frosty skiing tonttu. A new addition to our frosty tonttu range for Christmas 2013.


Teacup tonttu  table decoration 'Kuksatonttu'

Teacup tonttu

A must-have for tonttu collectors and tea/coffee drinkers alike, this fun red tonttu with teacup is a great way to decorate your table top, mantelpiece, shelf, windowsill or desk at work.


Santa Claus tonttu - Joulupukki

Santa Claus tonttu

The person everyone wants to see at Christmas time! This beautifully designed and authentic wooden Santa Claus table decoration is from Santa's home Finland.


Christmas card tonttu table decoration 'Kirjetonttu'

Mail tonttu

Send special Christmas wishes this year with this fun and festive mail tonttu with 'Merry Christmas' (in Finnish) Christmas card.


Little girl  'Tonttutyttö' wooden Christmas table decoration

Little girl tonttu

One for your tonttu family, this little girl tonttu with plaits is bright, festive and feminine.


Small Christmas tree tonttu table decoration 'Aatttonttu'

Christmas tree tonttu

This fun and festive tonttu with Christmas tree is packed full of Yuletide charm! Treat yourself, friends or loved ones to this delightful, eco-friendly ornament.


Sledging Tonttus 'Kelkkatonttu' wooden Christmas table decoration

Sledging tonttus from Scandinavia

This cute wooden table decoration has a Santa's elf pulling a sledge with a smaller tonttu. A must-have for any tonttu collection!


Red heart tonttu table decoration 'Lempitonttu'

Red heart tonttu

Share the love this Christmas time with this charming tonttu with red love heart. This unique ornament from Scandinavia makes a special stocking filler for loved ones.


Present tonttu - Pakettitonttu

Present tonttu

Fun and festive, this gorgeous wooden tonttu carries a Christmas present with a green bow. Delight friends and family alike with this special stocking filler!


Mrs Santa 'Tonttumuori' wooden Christmas table ornament

Mrs Claus tonttu

Add rustic Yuletide charm to your house or flat with a Mrs Claus tonttu. One of the largest tonttus in the collection features a soup ladle and long plaits.


Frosty fishing tonttu table decoration 'Pilkki Pakkanen'

Frosty fishing tonttu

Featuring a fishing rod with silver-coloured fish, this frosty tonttu is the perfect Christmas decoration for the fishing fan or fisherman in your life!


Finnish flag 'Suomitonttu' tonttu wooden Christmas decoration

Scandinavian tonttu

Show off your passion for Scandinavian design with this special wooden tonttu with Finnish flag.


Rolling pin tonttu table decoration 'Leipuritonttu'

Rolling pin tonttu

New for Christmas 2013, the rolling pin tonttu makes a cute, festive decoration for home or work.


Frosty snowflake tonttu table decoration 'Lumi Pakkanen'

Frosty snowflake tonttu

Create your indoor winter wonderland with this frosty tonttu with snowflake - a new tonttu for Christmas 2013.


Bobble hat 'Tupsutontu'

Bobble hat tonttu

Decorate a table top, shelf, fireplace, window sill or desk with this festive bobble hat tonttu.


Frosty little girl tonttu table decoration 'Tytto Pakkanen'

Frosty girl tonttu

A new addition for 2013, the frosty girl tonttu is a must-buy for your frosty tonttu collection.


Parent and baby tonttu table decoration 'Tontun Syli'

Parent and child tonttu

One of the larger tonttus in our collection, the parent and child tonttu is a thoughtful way of marking baby's first Christmas and a decoration you can all enjoy for years to come.


Mobile phone 'Kännykkätonttu' wooden Christmas ornament

Mobile phone tonttu

This fun tonttu with mobile phone has the same great Scandinavian design with a modern twist.


Christmas Tree and tonttu 'Kuusitonttu' wooden Christmas decoration

Christmas tree tonttu

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with this red tonttu with Christmas tree. The wooden decoration will fit in perfectly with red, green and gold Christmas colour theme.


Lantern tonttu 'Lhytytonttu' wooden Christmas table decoration

Lantern tonttu

This red wooden tonttu with lantern is sure to brighten your decorative Christmas display.


Karaoke tonttu

Karaoke tonttu

For the aspiring singer in your life, this charming wooden tonttu is a Christmas decoration they can enjoy year after year.


Scarf tonttu 'Vilutonttu'

Tonttu with scarf

Delight your friends, family and work colleagues with this bright, fun and festive tonttu with scarf. Perfect for decorating your Christmas table or your desk at work.

Firewood tonttu 'Klapitonttu' wooden Christmas table decoration

Firewood tonttu

This tonttu with firewood bundle celebrates the Christmas tradition of log burning fires - both in the UK and Scandinavia.


Baby tonttu 'Tonttulapsi' wooden Christmas decoration:

Baby tonttu from Scandinavia

The smallest of the tonttus from Scandinavia looks great peaking out from your mantelpiece, bookcase or shelf.


Jingle bell 'Tiukutonttu' wood Christmas table decoration

Jingle bell tonttu

This red tonttu looks Christmassy and as the gold bell at the top of his hat jingles when he is moved, sounds Christmassy too!


Bell ringer tonttu 'Kellotonttu' wooden Christmas decoration

Bell ringer tonttu

Spreading the good news at Christmas, this bell ringer tonttu is a merry character for your Christmas collection.


Gingerbread tonttu 'Piparitonttu' wooden Christmas decoration

Heart tonttu

Share the love this Christmas with this bright and festive tonttu with heart.


Snowflake tonttu 'Lumitonttu' wooden Christmas decoration

Snowflake tonttu

Ideal for your indoor winter wonderland, this red tonttu from Scandinavia holds a single white snowflake.


red wooden Christmas decoration - tonttu elf


The original Santa's elf from Scandinavian designer's Aarikka is a bright red and versatile wooden Christmas ornament.


Christmas biscuit 'Herkkusuutonttu' wooden table decoration

Christmas biscuit tonttu

This wooden tonttu table decoration is munching on a gingerbread biscuit, which are traditionally eaten at Christmas time in Scandinavia.


Headphones tonttu 'Musatonttu' wooden Christmas table decoration

Headphones tonttu

For the music lover in you, this festive tonttu from Scandinavia has a pair of black music head phones.


Golfing elf tonttu wooden Christmas decoration

Golf tonttu

Be proud of your passion for golf with the golfer tonttu. Perfectly in-keeping with a traditional Christmas theme, the golfing tonttu holds a golf club.


Girl with Finnish bag 'Suomityttö' tonttu wooden Christmas table decoration

Girl with handbag tonttu

Decorate your home for Christmas and show off your great taste in Scandinavian design with this authentic red tonttu with plaits and Finnish flag handbag.


Hockey Player tonttu 'Jääkiekkoilijatonttu' wooden Christmas decoration

Hockey player tonttu

The must-have Santa's elf table decoration for hockey players and sports fans. Now you can create a sporty Christmas scene with this hockey playing tonttu from Scandinavia.


Finnish flag 'Suomipoika' tonttu wooden Christmas table decoration

Small tonttu with Finnish flag

Unashamedly Finnish, this Scandinavia tonttu with Finnish flag is definitely a must-have wooden Christmas ornament for tonttu collectors.


Red home tonttu wooden Christmas decoration

Home tonttu

The medium sized version of the original tonttu makes a bright and festive addition to your home.


Decorate your home with wooden Christmas ornaments from Scandinavia

Make your house, flat or any room warm and welcoming with these red Christmas decorations. The Scandinavian Christmas ornaments are very versatile as they will sit perfectly on any flat surface and can fit in small nooks and crannies - perfect if you don't have a lot of space to spare. Group several of the red wooden Christmas ornaments together on your mantelpiece, windowsill or table for impact, or place one or two in gaps on shelves or bookcases.

You can even use these red wooden Christmas decorations to create personal table place settings. Just choose the one that best represents each member of your family, friends or guests and place the selected wooden Christmas ornament on your dining room table with a place card.

Revitalise your Christmas table centrepiece and charm the younger members of your family by mixing traditional winter foliage with these red wood Christmas decorations.

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