Red heart tonttu

Red heart tonttu table decoration 'Lempitonttu'

A heartfelt stocking filler for a loved one

A Christmas decoration with a difference, this tonttu with red heart makes a special stocking filler for your husband/wife, fiance, boyfriend/girlfriend, son/daughter, grandchild or close friend. Surprise them with the red heart tonttu on or before Christmas day by placing it on their bedside table, desk, shelf or table place setting.

Decorating for Christmas is effortless with this bright tonttu and his festuve friends. The love heart tonttu is crafted from sustainable wood - meaning it's not only eco-friendly, but also light and durable, so its a decoration you can re-use year after year after year...


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Red heart tonttu's measurements

  • Diameter of body approx. 36mm.
  • Height to tip of hat approx. 90mm.

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